• Extraction

    We process any data source with any logic to any Datawarehouse. Guaranteed.

    If you have the data, we build the transformation.

    Data sources are often a mix of: Relational Databases (SQL), propriatary databases, log-files, XML files, bookkeeping and HR systems, Webservices with JSON answers, , Excel sheets, PDF files, Webpages with somewhere in them a piece af data you need.

  • Transformation

    We map the data to the Datawarehouse. E.G.: time definitions, region codes, account numbers, overflow to multiple dates of production data, contract numbers etc.

    We seen and done all of this before. We fix yours too.


    The data gets loaded into the Datawarehouse.

    This is often a SQL database, but may well be a Solr, Elastic or Hadoop system, or a combination.