PHP Doesn't limit the developer in any way.

And that is precisely the problem ....

We develop within a framework and design patterns such as MVC and maintain 100% seperation of code and design. By working with pure HTML templates the application remains well maintainable and developers and designers can work independently from each other yet on the same application. Because perfect design and perfect development are 2 different disciplines.

We always work in a 4-layer DTAP model and use Ansible for code distribution. As such, we achieve fast iterations and realise true continuous delivery. You want to become Agile? This is the motor block. The project method is often SCRUM. In shorts sprints new functionality is supplied rapidly.

Designs and documentation are stored in a Wiki as a living document.

Offcourse all our applications offer 100% Responsive Design. And with AJAX and webservices API's (microservices) in the background we offer a direct interaction for your users.

Servers are setup in a scalable fashion. Clusters of smaller VM's offer better results than 1 'fat server'. By using this cluster setup, load balancing and parallel distribution over the VM's, your applications are seamlessly and unlimited scalable. Distribution and updates are fully automated with Ansible.

"The Pragmatic Programmer" van Hunt / Thomas is our main book.