Profservice has delivered these projects. Where does your project start?
  • Document search systems

    Search through one million documents in a few milli second? Millions of documents?

    No problem. With a proper text system, completed with clustering over multiple virtual cloud servers, astonishing results can be achieved.

    On top of the documents we can place a personal layer (tagging, notes etc) that can be shared with other co-workers.

    Find the information you need fast and work together agile.

  • Backoffice: the heart of your business

    A backoffice is the heart of your operations. All people and processes spin around this system.

    A new backoffice is fast, flexible, safe and can - if proper designed and build to modern standards - be ajusted to your changing needs as a Continuous Delivery.

    Legacy is the name we use for old backoffices, those fail these needed qualities. Often portals can achieve very nice results as their new interface to the outside world.

    Deliver a better service to your customers and employees.

  • Portals: New over legacy

    A webportal gives a group of customers or employees their own domain. Modern and fast, e.g. on a smartphone, to do their work well and fast wherever it is needed. In the background there is often an invisible legacy system, but not necessary of cource.

    Portals can be used as: customer portal, morgage execution only portal, employee self service portal, broker portal, advice portal, malfunction portal, dealer portal etc.

    With a portal your client or employee experiances a perfect service.

  • Liquid Pricing and Business Rules

    We have developed SSD, Smart Sort Discount, for liquid pricing (or Dynamic Pricing). Your marketeers can set and change business rules by giving margin and scores in points for each rule.

    Then scores per product are calculated and thus exist discount grouos and sort sequences for display on the website. You can analyse the impact of these choices by viewing graphs, before you apply the new rul set. Once you are content with it's effect, you press the 'GO' button. These process can also be run in an automatic fashion.

    Respond direct and automatic to changing conditions: be smarter and faster then your competition.

  • Business Intelligence

    BI offers a wide variation of interfaces ranging from a dashboard with LED's and a speedometer; to reports with 40 columns in production and waterfall versions including zoom in, graphs, color indications etc.

    It is a best best practice to isolate Business Intelligence from the production system by adding a data warehouse as layer in between. We let this grow with your ever changing needs. These type of projects should be driven by the information need of the management.

    Your processes will continuously show better results becouse your insights in the processes improve continuously.

  • Quick Response Manufacturing

    QRM: New school production thinking! Smaller series in faster connected queue's.

    But where will occur problems in the coming weeks? With these quantities of information, that goes beyond human capabilities.A BI dashboard can show you those upcoming bottlenecks with orange and red colors per machine/week combination.

    So you can change your planning today so that your QRM doesn't collapse in 5 weeks from now.

    QRM leads to radical reduction of production time throughout the whole chain. It makes production faster and smarter.

  • Customized offers per client

    A system for automaticly merging information components into one document (often a PDF). With many parameters in the base, contracters, offers, conditions etc., your client in e.g. a portal clicks on choices and receives an fully tailored proposal from you by email.

    The contract generator picks the proper templates, merges dynamic and static documents, and generates a unique PDF in a split second. Because we separate content and code for 100%, sales/marketing staff can maintain text, conditions etc. themselves. Changes are instantly visible in a test setting.

    A flexible system that allows your business to respond direct and autonomously to changes in your sales process or in that of your suppliers and general conditions.

  • MCA: Mission Critical Alert

    The monitor on top of all your Mission Critical processes. For example: orders per hour; average wait time; speed of the website; number of backorders; stock KPI (margin, value, or quantity); percentage sick leave etc.

    Via a centraal (web) dashboard, MCA's are set. Every MCA has rules for green, orange en red statuses. Also, per MCA/color a setting is made for whom to alert and via what medium: smd, whatsapp, and/or e-mail. Classified personal can use the web interface and see the actual status and history in the dashboard: wherever they are at that moment and on any device.

    You get an alert before things get ugly. Because the build up to status orange allready triggers the right people. Avoid failure, anger, damage, shame and loss of business.

  • KANBAN project management

    As you see the yellow sticky notes on your whiteboard, as such you manage the tickets of your projects in this system.

    Continuously visible are the work-in-stock and actual status. Tickets are wrapped to releases of a project and to (personal) scrum boards for your workers. Within one scrum board (personal or total) you see: to do, development, test, acceptance, production and rejected.

    Insight in your work-in-stock and work-in-progress gives you a power grip and increases team productivity.

  • Connect to your business partners

    All links with all your business partners. Among others we have built links with these webservices:

    DHL, AMP Logistics, Afterpay, Finance Data Netwerk (FDN), Buckaroo, Mollie, Tblox, AccountView, Teradata, Flowmailer, Mailgun, CERM.

    You choose your business partners and IT systems exchange the data.

    Flexibility in the choice of your business partners.

  • Single Sign On Identity

    Just one identity for all applications.

    Central administration of applications, IP bases access, users, roles etc.

    Save time and avoid stress and damage by access failures and accidents.

  • LINUX and more LINUX

    Servers on the basis of LINUX are safe, fast, versatile, and .. low cost. We design, setup and maintain in an automated way your LINUX servers.

    Strong security, high speed and low cost for your servers.

  • LINUX Serverpark maintenance

    Spreading your system over multiple servers (e.g. in the cloud) and configure them as 1 cluster offers multiple advantages and almost unlimited scalability. Provided that the distribution and management is done in an automated fashion.

    The advantages of server parks without the disadvantages.