Profservice uses these tools as a continuous development. These can be used on a SAAS base; or we implement them in your project. Either as a software product or as knowledge.
  • Managed E-mail

    E-mail these days is a war zone. There are permanent skirmish between the good, the bad and the unaware.

    To setup your own mailserver is so 2001 and has no guaranty for delivery. We offer you 1 webinterface, and manage everything in the backgroud with a professional mailpartner that oversees the battleground 24x7 and responds appropriate.

    You'll get webmail with the best spamfilters and outbound e-mail. Of course we supply an API for application Development Interfacing. SPF and DKIM records increase your success rate.

  • Best Practices

    What is senior level?

    We use this definition:
    1. Minimal 10.000 hours applied to a subject. That's 5 years full-time.

    2. The ability to compare every situation to a set of Best Practices; and to know for every practice to what advantages and disadvantages it will lead after some time.

    Our set of Best Practices is one of our best tools.

  • Yellow

    With Yellow you sit on top op your SCRUM projects.

    Every project and version of those has their own SCRUM board. You always see the actual status, the work in stock, and it's progress.

  • SSO

    Single Sign On.

    All tools and apps from Profservice are managed from a central point and are distributed in a network.

    Of cource we can setup your SSO as well. Access is based on: application / module / user / ip.

  • WRAD

    Webbenizer Rapid Application Development.

    Stop with programming. Configurate your applications, generate and distribute them in DTAP.

  • Wiki

    We love wiki's. A wiki is the perfect platform for recording and sharing of knowledge. We use these 3 wiki's:


    For every demand there is an optimal Wiki available.